Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute Things-- for a Cause!

These little cuties, designed by New City Design for sale by Sun Ministries, will be available at the Old North House Tour & Home Grown Festival in Old North St. Louis on May 14th! Stop by and see the other products available at their booth! All proceeds go to fund missionary work in North St. Louis through Sun Ministries!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Touches of Spring from New City Design

"Peace to All" Wreath created by New City Design

"My Little Friend" Mini Mantel Setting created by New City Design

Paper quilt design (2 of 3) created by New City Design

 Plus, Come back soon to see the before and after of these ruffles!

Interior Design Archive #1

Client: Angela H., O'Fallon, MO

The Foyer was furnished with a gorgeous cherry sofa table, a giant outdated silk floral arrangement and a grungy runner rug. Carrying the color scheme from the dining room, we were able to transform the room completely!

Before, this space was bare and colorless. The walls were one solid white color, with a ceiling to match. There was nothing on the windows, and the china cabinet was filled with outdated knicknacks.In the Dining Room, using existing furniture and thrifted finds, Angela and New City Design were able to create a warm, inviting environment just in time for a huge family get-together.

Previously, the Living Room had been a massive sea of white. White walls, white carpet, white furniture, white lampshades... Now, the family has a warm, comfortable and stylish place to entertain family and friends.